Josei Manga

The Way To Confess

The Way To Confessby Kimpa

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)


Dubious Moon

NDubious Moonby Ezyoung, Yujeong Ju

#20 chapters published (Ongoing)


Different Country Diary

Different Country Diaryby Tomoko Yamashita

#29 chapters published (Ongoing)

JoseiDramaSlice of Life

An Exorbitant Wife

An Exorbitant Wifeby Changdu Technology

#272 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyJoseiRomanceDramaSlice of Life

The Shut-In Newlywed

NThe Shut-In Newlywedby Ura

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyJoseiSlice of life

Akkun To Kanojo

NAkkun To Kanojoby Kakitsubata Waka

#1 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyJoseiRomanceSchool life

Ultra Secretary

NUltra Secretaryby Kim Jinhee, Yeowoo

#47 chapters published (Ongoing)


Marmalade Boy Little

Marmalade Boy Littleby Yoshizumi Wataru

#19 chapters published (Ongoing)

JoseiRomanceSchool life

Boys and Girls

Boys and Girlsby Youko Nemu

#6 chapters published (Ongoing)

JoseiRomanceSchool Life

She Gets Girls Everyday.

She Gets Girls Muku

#13 chapters published (Ongoing)

Shuuden na Kankei

Shuuden na Kankeiby Oota Yoshio

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)


Dakishimete, Tsuideni Kiss mo

Dakishimete, Tsuideni Kiss moby MIMORI Ao

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceJoseiSlice of Life

Lady & Maid

NLady & Maidby Red Peach

#18 chapters published (Ongoing)


Glass Wall

Glass Wallby Choho

#13 chapters published (Ongoing)


Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hard

Trial Marriage Husband: Need To Work Hardby Passion Honey, 百香蜜

#33 chapters published (Ongoing)


Positively Yours

NPositively Yoursby Kang Ki, Lee Jung

#26 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaJoseiRomanceSlice of life

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