Supernatural Manga

Golden Gold

Golden Goldby Horio Seita

#44 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaPsychologicalSeinenSlice of lifeSupernatural

Cheon Gi Dot Com

Cheon Gi Dot Comby Yoo Ha Jin

#30 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyRomanceSchool lifeShoujoSupernatural

Became King After Being Bitten

Became King After Being Bittenby AC.QQ, Kuaikan Manhua, ManmanAPP

#34 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionSupernaturalMysteryMartial Arts

Cosmic Censorship

NCosmic Censorshipby Sadamatsu Ryuuichi

#10 chapters published (Ongoing)


Riding On The Edge Of Annihilation

Riding On The Edge Of Annihilationby 失重空间

#18 chapters published (Ongoing)


Red Flavored Romance

Red Flavored Romanceby 사지현, 서루

#60 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceSchool lifeSupernatural


Eleceedby Son Jae-Ho

#223 chapters published (Ongoing)


Even Though I’M The Villainess, I’Ll Become The Heroine!

Even Though I’M The Villainess, I’Ll Become The Heroine!by Devastating, Pig Cake, 돼지케이크, 유린해

#82 chapters published (Ongoing)


Master And Her Seven Lovers

Master And Her Seven Loversby Akano, Dongying (Beijing) Information Consulting Co.

#89 chapters published (Ongoing)


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