Martial arts Manga

Legend of Phoenix

Legend of Phoenixby Yun Tian Kong

#21 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial arts

Oversimplified SCP

NOversimplified SCPby SCP Foundation Writers, 松(A・TYPEcorp.)

#64 chapters published (Ongoing)

HorrorMartial artsPsychologicalSci fiSupernatural

The Scholar's Reincarnation

HThe Scholar's Reincarnationby Soo Yu Hyun, Yum Jack Jack

#94 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionManhwaMartial artsShounenWebtoons

The Mythical Realm

HThe Mythical Realmby Wu Zui, Liao Jia Le

#159.2 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyManhuaMartial artsShounen

The Great Ruler

The Great Rulerby Tang Jia San Shao

#79 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureManhuaMartial artsShounen


Dolkaraby Hanamura

#15 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyMartial ArtsSupernaturalGender Bender

Legend of Immortals

Legend of Immortalsby Wochixihongshi (i Eat Tomatos)

#41 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial artsRomance

Spirit Blade Mountain

HSpirit Blade Mountainby His Majesty the King, 国王陛下, 猪画&菌小莫

#339 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureComedyManhuaMartial artsRomanceShounenSupernatural

Baki-Dou (2018)

NBaki-Dou (2018)by Keisuke Itagaki

#22 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionMartial artsShounen

Martial Art Successor

Martial Art Successorby 南天枭, 饭有主

#20 chapters published (Ongoing)

Martial artsShounen

So Ho kang Ho

So Ho kang Hoby Jin Yong, Lee Chi Ching

#28 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionHistoricalMartial artsSeinen

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

NDemi-Gods and Semi-Devilsby Phoenix Entertainment

#10 chapters published (Ongoing)

AdventureHistoricalMartial artsRomance

Martial Peak

Martial Peakby Momo (II)

#46 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureFantasyHistoricalMartial Arts

Spirit Sword Sovereign

Spirit Sword Sovereignby i Ciyuan

#78 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyMartial Arts

Yuan Zun

Yuan Zunby Tian Can Tu Dou (天蚕土豆)

#27 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyMartial Arts

Feng Ni Tian Xia

Feng Ni Tian Xiaby Lu Fei

#76.3 chapters published (Ongoing)

FantasyManhuaMartial arts

Lord Xue Ying

Lord Xue Yingby Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi

#40 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMartial arts

Kengan Omeg

NKengan Omegby Daromeon, Yabako Sandrovich

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionDramaMartial arts

Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari

NKarate Shoukoushi Monogatariby BABA Yasushi

#4 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyMartial ArtsSeinenSports

Doushirou de Gozaru

Doushirou de Gozaruby Nishimori Hiroyuki

#48 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyMartial artsSchool lifeShounen

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